School’s Motto

Virtuous, Visionary and Versatile.


In one year, the school will create a positive academic environment.


We aim to create an institution that every student, parent and teachers feel proud of.

From Principal’s Desk:

Children at Chapra are no less than any children in the world as regards their IQ is concerned. However, they are at a severe disadvantage compared to the other children who are born and brought up under far better circumstances. Therefore, our children need to work many times harder in order to compete with others. Sadly, most of our children as well as their parents are not aware of this fact; and it has been my continuous effort to make our children and the parents aware so that they can act accordingly.On our part, we have been trying to create an ethos which is conducive to learning and development of all children.

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Aims & Objective

Personality development and character building through all round value based education so as to make all students worthy global citizens having equal regard for all human beings.
To develop spirit of continuous activity, adventure and competitiveness to enable them to face the future challenges effectively and excel in all walks of life. To provide an ideal environment to all students where all of them can realize their true potential


  • Integrity
  • Magnanimity, motivation, modesty
  • Patience, Perseverance, passion
  • Empathy, Excellence, equity, ethics
  • Respect, resilience, responsibility
  • Inspirational, innovation
  • Altruism, accountability, activity, adventure
  • Leadership, loyalty, love for all

Class Xth Toppers 2019